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It can be searched on other devices, but only the smart device to be used may not be able to search for Bluetooth at all or may not be able to connect at all. , Please reboot your smartphone and try again.

1.Check if the set mode is Windows.
2.Clear the existing connection information and connect from the beginning.
3. Go to the game settings menu you want to play and check the gamepad settings.
4.Bluetooth dongle may be missing or may be off. Go to Settings > Device and check whether a message such as “Bluetooth is off.” does not appear.

Make sure the gamepad appears as "Connected" in the Mouse, Keyboard and Pen section. → At this time, the gamepad must be turned on.
Check the screen after running the Xinput program

In addition to the Sharks app, you can test the key by connecting to the site below.
◦Android: Shark Gamehub app → Settings → Gamepad test
◦iPhone: SHAKS Utility app → test or -tester/id859236726

If the center of the stick or trigger cannot be found when the above test is performed, it can be improved through correction.
Android calibration
Windows calibration

However, when moving the stick Vibrates like up, down, left and right If you show serious movement, you need AS.

Bluetooth can only be connected one-to-one between the device and the device.
Mapping and Android are recognized as different devices.

So, if you change the mode, it will be recognized as a different device and connection will not be possible. Even with the same Android phone as
, when changing the Android mapping mode,
connection information (pairing) must be deleted from the phone, and a new connection must be made again.

However, when reconnecting without changing the mode, the previous connection information is automatically reconnected.


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